…King of the Jungle Gym.

It dawned on me one day that everything we ever learn was on the playground or in grade school. I started to realize that people don’t really change even when they become adults. As I sit at a stoplight in Boise, Idaho waiting for the guy at the very front of the line to go as he sits on his phone, I realize that he just failed. The entire reason we were taught to line up and be the line leader at school was to prepare all of us to one day be “the guy at the stop light.” It was his turn to be the line leader and he failed everyone in back of him. I don’t think you realize just how much you learned while you were at school or on that playground between kindergarten and say the fourth grade. Most of us like to share, or do we? The sandbox was a prime example of where we learned to share or where we turned into a complete “you know what hole” and never shared.

It becomes even more evident when you go to parties, networking events or business meetings the same thing happens that happened on the playground with socialization. People immediately clique off, form groups, close off from the rest of the herd. Nothing really changes as you get older you just repeat the same patterns that you did when you were at school or on the playground. The one trait that I find is most common in today’s society is what I call the “King of the Jungle Gym.” We all remember that person, he or she was always that one kid that would climb to the top of the jungle gym and while the rest of the kids were trying to climb up he or she would strategically kick each one of those kids off so they could remain on top… This never changes.

We all still know a person like this. They are all around us at any given time, because life is really like a jungle gym and we’re all trying to climb to the top. ~Just don’t be a dick when you get there.

Jonni Armani (I’m not a writer) I just felt like sharing.

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