Project 10 — Week 3

This one is going to be short & simple.

Week 2 Goals Review:

  • Finish the second company redesign on Thursday (I did, and I’ll show that below)
  • Pitch it to them on Friday (which I did as well)
  • Send out a check up email to Charlie Kang’s on Friday, if I haven’t heard back yet (which I have not done yet)

Not to make excuses & what not, but I’ve had family come in town from overseas, so I haven’t really had much time at all to work on this stuff. And in fact, I think I might even be getting sick now. Needless to say, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to make this stuff happen. And I also just didn’t feel that a “checkup email” was enough to make this project go through. My goal was to go in unannounced to the restaurant and see where their thoughts were on my redesign. So that’s why I haven’t gone in yet.

Moving on.

The 2nd company I decided to redesign was a company called Mowr, an app that allows you to request yard work services (similar to Uber/Lyft), or complete them yourself and make some extra cash. Cool concept, and I was actually the one who designed their whole app about 1 year ago.

Check it out here:

So I then took the time to redesign their current site (which I also didn’t know existed), and then pitched myself even harder once I found out they already had a site. I scanned their current site, and within 30 seconds I found 3 things I could help them solve on their current site, and pitched that. I think it might have worked because we’re looking to set up a meeting tomorrow, September 12th. I’ll keep you guys in the loop next week as to what goes on with that meeting. Consider yourself looped.

Check out my redesign for Mowr’s site:

Another point I wanted to make. Last week I mentioned that I added to my process of designing. But also, I wanted to make this clear. I learned something new this week while redesigning a local pizzeria’s site near my hometown. Sometimes, I just get a quick vision for what I want the redesign to look like. And that’s where my step-by-step process becomes unnecessary, and I just start designing in Sketch. No wireframing or moodboarding whatsoever. So yeah, thought I should make that known.

As always, here are my goals for next week:

  • Finish the 3rd company redesign on Thursday
  • Pitch it to them on Friday
  • Meet with the Mowr App Team at some point
  • Walk into Charlie Kang’s unannounced and see where their minds are at about my redesign
  • Actually take the time to increase my skill set and design in a way I’ve never designed before. I feel like lately I’ve just been throwing designs together instead of actually taking time to learn something new and get better.

Lastly, not sure that this matters at all. But just so you guys know, these weekly updates happen on Tuesdays, every week. Tuesdays are the middle of my week. I usually start designing for the next week’s company on Saturday or Sunday, update you on Tuesday, finish it on Thursday, pitch it and check up on Friday, and repeat.

Talk soon.