So, what is WeDeploy?

And how can it make me more productive?

Jonni Lundy
3 min readOct 9, 2017


The world is headed for the cloud. In the last ten years, the number of internet users worldwide have grown by 320%. That means the importance of getting you or your business to the cloud so that you can have a global, online presence, is more important than ever.

But here is the problem, websites don’t put themselves in the cloud.

In fact, the act of deploying a web application can be one of the most time consuming, not to mention expensive, portions of your whole development process.

You have to configure servers and infrastructure, setup DNS routing and custom domains, manage logs and metrics, build multiple backend microservices, and a whole myriad of other necessary functionalities to make sure your website reaches your users exactly the way you want it to.

So yes, websites don’t put themselves in the cloud, you do.

We realized that this portion of the development process was slowing down developers, and we wanted to put an end to it… by building WeDeploy!

One platform, endless possibilities

The mission of WeDeploy is to build a platform that combines all the tools and services that make developers productive.

Things like…

  • Powerful static hosting
  • Custom Docker container deployment
  • Prebuilt services for real time data, user auth, and email
  • GitHub push-triggered deployment or Instant CLI deployment
  • Zero downtime
  • HTTPS out-of-the-box
  • Elastic scalability
  • Real time application metrics (to name a few…)

The thing is, we truly believe that the world didn’t just need another deployment platform, it needed a development solution that was crafted with the success of the developer in mind.

Quickly deploying source code to WeDeploy with our command line tool

Why us?

There are plenty of other platforms to host your website or application. We know that, which is why we aren’t try to just become another cloud service. We want to be a full, conclusive platform for all your deployment and cloud-based needs.

Not just to jump on the “cloud” bandwagon, but to solve real problems.

Problems that inhibit your side project or freelance business from succeeded because you keep running into infrastructure problems that take weeks, and half your wallet, to solve.

Or problems that distract your business from becoming an internet-dominating industry leader because your dev team is trying to do the work of a team twice their size, in the half the time.

That is why WeDeploy exists — so you can focus on building great web experiences, while we take care of the rest.

I know what you might be thinking. This sounds too good to be true.

Yes, it is incredibly ambitious, but I can guarantee you that we are up for the challenge, and ready to solve those problems for you today.

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