How to get laid: 10 “nice sex” apps

I can hear from here that you pervert guys are desperate to get laid huh? No problem. Thanks to technology and internet. Now you can easily find a girl, do some satanic persuasion and go fuck. Here I present. The best 10 apps to get laid. Note: find them on iOS or Google Play.


The idea behind Pure is to deliver sex wherever you are by connecting users with amenable partners from around the way. It’s a straightforward process that involves choosing desired sex activities, specifying if you can host or travel, and selecting a mutual match. If all fails, at least you’ll feel comfort knowing the app deletes all personal data within an hour.


Ever thought the reason you haven’t snagged some tail is because you suck in bed? It’s a sad, but obvious truth most men are ashamed to accept. Improve your lovemaking talents by learning a few tips from the 69 Positions app. Tease your target with over 113 outside-of-the-box moves that’ll keep her clamoring for more or tapping out before you’re even finished.

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Originally published at on April 13, 2016.