As major political events have played out in the Euro-American world over the last half decade, the mainstream commentariat’s denunciation of populists and populism has never been far behind. From Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders and Boris Johnson to Jeremy Corbyn, self-declared ‘adults in the room’ have sought to discredit…

It has come to my attention that the columnist known as Brendan O’Neill isn’t real and never was. I’m aware that my claim sounds far-fetched, but I ask you to stay with me, and to afford me a few minutes to guide you through the working-out. …

After Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care last Tuesday, people across the country issued heartfelt messages of support. …

I’m fantastic and I’m sure
I’ll save the world one day
Well-educated and well-read, so
Here’s to me, hip hip hooray

My sex appeal is through the roof
All women laud my looks
You’ll find amazing feats of mine
In all the record books

I’m peng, I’m savvy, I’m so cool
But most of all I’m woke
Just ask one of my many friends
I am the best of mortal folk

You name a language, I will speak it
This I guarantee
I’ll play you any instrument
Conduct a symphony

Take Facebook: I’ve a million friends
Attesting to my wit
On Insta, too, they follow me
They say I am the shit

Oh if I could fellate myself
I would no doubt, it’s true
For I’m the greatest man alive
I shit on all of you

This month, radicalised British teenager, Shamima Begum, spoke of her desire to ditch Daesh and return to London with her new born baby. Interviewed at a displaced persons camp in Syria, Begum said she’d had a “good time” but now wanted to return home to raise the child in safety…

Jonathan Craig

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