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TORRO Cases, a luxury leather iPhone case supplier, has explored just how different it can be to find ‘the one’ in the digital age. Thanks to the emergence of various dating apps and the popularity of dating shows on TV, the dating game has changed significantly over the past few years.

What are the most popular dating shows?

One survey carried out by Statista will come in handy if you believe that when it comes to the dating scene, having more people will heighten your chances of success and happiness. …

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Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’re looking to book your first lesson, knowing the laws around driving is vital before you get behind the wheel for a journey. But we bet there’s a few situations you didn’t realise fell under the scope of certain strange laws!

With driving schools South Shields provider Pass ’N’ Go, we explore these more obscure laws and outline the logic and reasoning behind them.

Drunk driving without a car?

It’s true — you can, technically, be charged under section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872 for more than just driving a car under the influence of alcohol.


Jonny Mackley

A copywriter & outreach executive for Mediaworks Online Marketing in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Mainly writes about travel, food, print and environmental issues.

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