Futsal Nationals

My cross section of America is the national futsal tournament. Futsal is something I spend a lot of time doing and I was lucky enough to get to compete in nationals this year. I captured pictures of the fan reactions and player reactions, as well as some more random shots that add to the atmosphere of the tournament.

The first picture is of the ball used in the tournament. It is beaten with paint starting to chip and seems starting to fray.

Here we have the showdown of a penalty kick. The shooter vs the keeper with no one in the way.

Fans watch their team with nerves as the game could mean qualification for the championship.

The overtaking joy as a penalty shootout ends in victory.

A so called “super fan” all dressed up and cheering as a goal is scored.

I call this picture “Red carded keeper.” It’s a picture of a coach’s halftime talk after his goal keeper is removed from the rest of the match.

A tired son resting on his Dads shoulders after a long day of watching games.

The walkout before the final game, the winner of the tournament will be decided and the crowd is silent in anticipation.

The main theme I sought out to capture with this slice of America was the happy-sad atmosphere of sports. There were some other pictures I would have liked to have but I thought parents and coaches wouldn’t appreciate me taking pictures of them crying while they have a post game conversation.

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