Homework 3/24/16: Part 1

  1. Plans for new building. Explain the plans for length of time of building and what materials are going to be used and what the building is going to be for.
  2. Coffeehouse. Explain what coffeehouse is to students and non-students alike to try and get students to attend Coffeehouse and for non-students to see talent at our school, in music, dance and other entertainment.
  3. Convocation. I think it would be interesting to see profiles of each person speaking at each convo to know what they are about ahead of time and to more understand each speaker even more.

Part 2

  1. Coca-cola. Coca-cola will release first quarter earnings on April 20. Executives will hold a conference call with investors. There will also be a webcast for investors to join.
  2. Disney. Disney is building two new ships to add to it’s famous cruisline. Both ships will weigh 135,000 tons and be able to hold 1,250 passengers. Disney claims that these ships shall be finished in 2021 and 2023.
  3. McDonald’s. McDonald’s plans on sending 100 kids to the summer olympics in Rio de Janeiro in the name of friendship. These kids will also be spending time with gold medal champions throughout the olympics. Kids from 18 countries will be represented.
  4. Microsoft. Microsoft is giving basketball fans the ultimate March Madness bracket experience. Bing will be the official bracketologist of the NCAA tournament. Bing will provide statistics of over the past ten years to help people create their brackets.
  5. Boeing. Pegasus Airlines have finally purchased five 737–800 Boeing aircrafts for use out of Turkey. Pegasus already has 58 737–800’s and 11 other aircrafts. The 737–800 is the best-selling version of the 737 aircraft.
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