So, you’re going to support your “friends” if something bad happens to their rights.
Iheoma Okeke-Banks

I wish it were as easy as you stated.

I wish Hillary were not a morally bankrupt choice too. I promise you, she was was just as bad as what I was accusing Trump of too while deliberating with myself at the poll.

I am saying that I’d rather deal with picketing and fighting for friends in petitions, possibly demonstrations, and advocacy as a citizen.

And I’d like to add I infact did think of my friends while voting. I thought of my friends who live in France, Australia, El Salvador, Korea, and others. I was thinking of our impact in the world and the well being of their lives.

My choice had very little to do with personal self interest. I voted as if I were sparing lives.

The only gain I get from Trump being president is government disruption and an inch closer to transparency.

If you and I keep chatting, and I am humble enough to consider your words of accusation, then we can get past the fog of our views and do things that are meaningful for each other.

Thank you!

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