I know it’s tempting…

Especially now — as virtually every cryptocurrency is crashing and the relatively low prices are exceedingly attractive… but hear me out.

I’m not telling you not to trade.

On the contrary, I encourage you to! The volatility of cryptocurrencies is exactly what makes this such a profitable endeavor.

However, cryptocurrencies are just like any other market and you must realize that before you even think about getting into it.

The only major difference between cryptocurrencies and stocks, FOREX, bonds, etc. is the wide-spread hype and hysteria. …

This post has received a tremendous amount of outcry against my claiming a “victor” in the war between programming languages. While I admit, my title may have been intended to spark controversy and may be “click-baity”, I do still want to emphasize that this post is not about how JS is the “best” language.

It is simply about the sheer territory it has covered and the ways in which it has allowed the once-simple front-end dev to do so much more. It’s a versatility I have truly grown to love in my career and one I feel obligated to encourage.

I’ve been a web & software developer for over 15 years now. In those years I’ve used every Windows distribution since 95 and every Mac OS X ever. I’ve run desktop setups, mobile laptop setups, desktop replacement laptop setups, and up to four external displays at a time running on multiple machines with KVM switches, VNC, RDP, and SSH. I’ve used every piece of hardware from an AlphaSmart to a Palm Pilot to a Raspberry Pi to the iPad 1 that I waited in line 12 hours for on launch day. …

Why is there no option for this, Evernote??

So, I’ve been using Linux (Ubuntu + Unity) a lot more lately, motivated by my growing distaste for virtualization and the current (horrifically slow) state of WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). Being a long-time, devoted user of Evernote, I started hunting around for a decent Evernote client for Linux.

Don’t listen to what they tell you…

There is no good Evernote client for Linux. Not one of them delivers even half the package you get with the Windows Desktop version of Evernote. And Evernote has explicitly stated they have no interest in pursuing a Linux version (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313748-Evernote-on-Linux). …

Jonny Asmar

UI Developer • JonnyAsmar.com

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