Simon Sinek is wrong about “Millennials”
Dominic James White

Awesome job, Dom. I agree with everything here I think. I’d also like to point out Sinek’s cherry picked anecdotes of technological harm. For every story of a missed opportunity to have a meaningful moment with someone due to “phone addiction” there is a story meaningful connection facilitated by these technologies, and many times those connections are with people we would otherwise not be in a meeting with. Additionally, statistics I’ve seen show youth suicide rates declining since the 90’s and a plausible explanation for increased mental health conditions for millenials could be attributed detection bias, or in other words, the incidence of anxiety and depression among our generation seems to be higher but only artificially. This could be because doctors are better at diagnosing it compared to the past and/or doctors are incentivized to diagnose these conditions more often as some unintended consequence of the current pharmaceutical-industrial complex.

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