Life without friends

It’s somehow hard to believe that years ago, there’s someone who’s constantly stay around you and one day that someone would just disappear around you and you just don’t understand the reason behind it…

One leave, all leave

I’ve been wondering how come there’s no one who will always stay with me no matter what happens. People tend to leave me after a period of time, some even leave after a few months…

Problems with myself

Is it my personality? Is it my attitude? I don’t know… How come other people have the worst personality and the worst attitude yet they still have friends around them?

Thinking and more thinking

I’ve been thinking day and night about it, every single day without a break. From Primary School to Secondary School to ITE to Poly… Every path I took, it make totally no difference at all.


Today when I woke up, I’ve decided to be just myself. I doesn’t want to care about anybody anymore. If they decided to stay, then stay. If they decided to leave, then leave. If you stay but plan to leave later, I’ll suggest that you leave now. Good for both of us.

I’m not a tool, I’m a person

People always treat me so good because they just need one thing from me, which is help. After I’ve help them, I’m became useless to them. To them, I’m nothing but just a tool…

A change

People are not gonna like the new change in me but I don’t care. I had enough of all these bullshits that happen around me. I don’t live to serve people. I’m ain’t your maid.

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