If you prefer learning through video, please check out my Youtube tutorial here:

You can find the completed code here:


Imagine playing Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pokemon, you catch Dogs…in real life.

That’s the weird idea I had in mind when I built Dog Scope, and as useless of an app as it is, it was my first machine learning project and it helped me understand how easy it can be to use machine learning tools like Tensorflow to identify objects (and animals) using mobile devices.

To show you just how simple it can be, allow…

You’re live in front of of the whole world.

Well, not you, but the app that you built, for your very own Youtube livestream , and its very own live chat.

But what does it do? Does it analyze the use of emojis? Does it respond to commenters? That’s all up to you to decide.

A few weeks ago, I used mine to control a robot with a camera inside my turtle tank, and the response to that project inspired this tutorial.

Perhaps you don’t share my obsession with stalking aquatic pets, and you’d rather build something different and…

If you’d rather watch hear this story through a quick 4-minute video, I’ve got you covered:

The little guy in the picture above is Roshi. He is a one and a half year old Mississippi Map turtle and the inspiration for the world’s first Youtube-powered water-drone. Having had my interest sparked when I saw how Bryan Hughes made an fascinating use of his Raspberry Pi by hooking it up to his aquarium, I ordered one myself and decided to try my own aquatic project. Before I show you what this thing looks like. …

Let’s rank the top posters in our favourite subreddit. All we need is a little Javascript.

I’m going to walk you though building a simple web app in which you can type in the name of your favourite subreddit, and a list of its top-scoring posters will appear below.

Write once, render anywhere.

In a few minutes minutes, you’ll have a Pokedex app, one that runs on iOS, Android, and on the web.

If you prefer being walked through, check out my video below in which I go though this with you from scratch.

The source code can be found here:


The phrase “write once, render anywhere” is music to the ears of anyone who’s ever had the tedious task of recreating a web app as a mobile app.

How convenient would it be to write the same React code for both React and React Native. It makes life much easier…

A massive worm-shaped scar stretches across my abdomen. It was one of my biggest insecurities as a kid. It’s now one of biggest sources of pride.

When I was just under two years old, I received a liver transplant. I had been born with biliary atresia, which, long story short, meant that my liver couldn’t work properly. My family and I were living in Paris when I was diagnosed, just a few weeks after my birth. The doctors first tried to fix the problem through what’s called a Kasai procedure, and though the surgery was successful, my liver function didn’t…

Chrome extensions are life.

My life, at least. I use them for everything from ad blocking, to time management, language learning, development, saving articles, and countless other things.

Although I’ve used many, I never thought about building one. That is, until last week. I read an article by Mackenzie Higa about how to make one and realized how easy it can be. I then built an extension that allows me add songs to my Spotify.

To use the extension, first I select any piece of text on the page I’m on, that represents the song or artist I want to look up. Then, I…

This week, I learned a simple technique that anyone building Progressive Web Apps that use Oauth (or anyone building web apps with authentication) will find useful. It will keep your login experience smooth and seamless for your mobile users.

Before we get into it:

“What are Progressive Web Apps?” — A progressive web app is a web app that is built to use many of the advantages of native mobile applications, such as home-screen launch, connectivity independence, and push notifications.

Here’s an in depth article explaining them, and here’s a quick tutorial from Scott Domes on how to build one. If you’re not familiar with…

Let everyone in the room be the DJ.

Or, get friends to add songs to your travel playlist. Or maybe find the degrees of separation between any artist and Kanye West. Those are just a few of the countless things you can easily do with Spotify’s API, and today I’ll show you how to get started with something really simple. Then, you’ll be ready to get as crazy creative, like many already have.

Open up your desktop Spotify app, or visit the Web Player and play your favourite song. Is it playing? Good, you’ve just completed step one of this 5-step tutorial. …

Jonny Kalambay

Full Stack developer and web development teacher http://www.jonnykalambay.com

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