Jonny Miller

We are each apprenticed in commitment the we arrive into the world.

We intuitively chose precisely the right moment to leave the safety of the womb and emerge into a world that we could not previously have conceived of.

Wholehearted commitment is the outer expression of the recognition of an inner truth. An alignment between the felt and the seen.

A firm, courageous commitment made in this way is a pre-requisite to any honest creative work or relationship. It is measured by the degree to which you are willing to give yourself fully to the endeavour or relationship.

The very moment of commitment is an act of surrender to a gravitational pull that unites surface tributaries of awareness into a deeper flowing torrent of creative expression.

To commit fully, at the right time and with your entire presence is to merge the fullness of your intention with a torrent of invisible assistance which serves to manifest the intention in the world, in ways that escape all previous prediction.

Apples do not fear committing to falling from their tree, but we humans are unique in that for us commitment is a courageous act — precisely because it is carried out with the knowledge that we will not emerge the other side as the same self who crossed the threshold.

Finally, a refusal to commit is to die on the vine, the result of a clinging to the past, whereas a commitment made too early is the result of a grasping onto a future before it has matured into the moment.

This is part of a series of one-word writing prompts inspired by David Whyte’s book ‘Consolations’. Please feel free to contribute your own interpretation and working definition for this word 👇

Jonny Miller

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Tribe Leader @Escthecity, growth @Litographs & cofounder @Maptia. Cold water surfer and ukulele enthusiast in my spare time!

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