Jonny Miller

Persistence is riding the breaking wave of who we are into who we might become.

What thrusts us forwards is the resulting momentum from two forces — the strength of our firm resolve (like pumping down the line) a commitment made to a future version of our self, we push through when the imagined pain of breaking this commitment outweighs the pain we experience in the moment from Resistance.

The other, more subtle force of persistence is the pull of service to a mission, by positioning ourselves in the sweet spot deep in the pocket of the wave we can tap into its energy to propel us forwards.

When we are able to step outside pain’s narrowing contractions, we would see that persistence is an invitation to throw dry wood and stoke our inner fire, which holds the promise of illuminating our shadow and expanding our internal capacities to hold an intensity of experience.

This is part of a series of one-word writing prompts inspired by David Whyte’s book ‘Consolations’. Please feel free to contribute your own interpretation and working definition for this word 👇

Jonny Miller

Written by

Tribe Leader @Escthecity, growth @Litographs & cofounder @Maptia. Cold water surfer and ukulele enthusiast in my spare time!

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