Jonny Miller

Life’s nourishment is drawn from the edge where shadow meets light. The contrast of who we believe ourselves to be, and what might be just about to be revealed to us from one more courageous step.

Many spend a lifetime forcing against our shadow’s gravitational pull. Like a spaceship using all of it’s remaining full trying to escape a black hole, we exhaust ourselves in fear of oblivion.

To step willingly into this edge of unknowingness, is to risk the loss of who we think we are, in order to embrace who we might become.

Only from the vantage point of the dark, are we able to see the inner obstacles, demons and traumas that yearn to be seen, to be felt, and to return home.

Curiously our shadows are often hidden in plain sight. Revealed only in a sideways glance, when we notice ourselves being triggered by unexpected desires, anger or self-righteousness.

Like finding a broken piece of a great vase, when we glimpse these sharp edges of our subconscious, there is an opportunity to become more whole, more integrated and ultimately more radiant.

Eventually we realise that our shadows contain expansive landscapes that reveal treasures and hidden beauty, when we allow the light of our awareness to illuminate them.

This is part of a series of one-word writing prompts inspired by David Whyte’s book ‘Consolations’. Please feel free to contribute your own interpretation and working definition for this word 👇

Jonny Miller

Written by

Tribe Leader @Escthecity, growth @Litographs & cofounder @Maptia. Cold water surfer and ukulele enthusiast in my spare time!

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