Sophie’s Gifts to the World

The first day I met Sophie, she bounded into Adam’s house and introduced herself with an enormous hug and then picked up a sack of quick-dry concrete and a wooden post to erect a hammock in the back garden. I was smitten.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to have been with Sophie. She taught me how to be vulnerable and how to love — as she did — with every fibre of her being.

Sophie was a beautiful, radiant, bursting-at-the-seams-with-life human, with a mischievous grin and luminous presence which lit up any room. She instantly won over my friends and family with her witty ways and disarmingly charming Sophie Spooner mannerisms…

A map of the 3000km cycle ride that Sophie took in late 2016. Illustrated by Ella Frances Sanders.

We can’t bring her back.

But we can choose to honour her values and maybe find our own ways to live these questions out for ourselves.

I like to think that this would make her proud.

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