Jonny Miller

Embodied trust is an acquisition of our rational impulses to a deeper knowing. A surrendering to the part of ourselves that is wiser than any book or mentor.

But trust is difficult during times of contraction, when we are out of tune and closed off to the cyclical flow of life.

As we learn to trust with full presence, it becomes apparent that we are no longer wandering blind into the abyss but are being gently pulled by a previously out of sight thread that leads back to the great tapestry of all things.

This is part of a series of one-word writing prompts inspired by David Whyte’s book ‘Consolations’. Please feel free to contribute your own interpretation and working definition for this word 👇

Jonny Miller

Written by

Tribe Leader @Escthecity, growth @Litographs & cofounder @Maptia. Cold water surfer and ukulele enthusiast in my spare time!

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