Stockholm Syndrome

“Stockholm syndrome : feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor ”

The golden era of Nigerian politics was in the 60s. There was a great pan Nigerian movement and a unifying agenda that brought the elites together to end colonialism. The dearth of true national service by men and women of integrity and virtuous moral principles occurred slightly after Nigeria became a petro-state, the sudden free money that came into circulation and the coups and counter coups that resulted as a consequence of trying to control the centre. The previous generations failed the millennials because of their short sightedness, the country was left to run on auto pilot but what enabled it to maintain its inertia became worthless as the price of oil dropped. Corruption is not just a problem of the three arms of governments it is a cancer deeply embedded into our society that can be found even at the lowest levels of society. The reason corruption became rampant is because of the dearth of leadership at all levels of society, and this can be ascribed to the fact we shifted from a meritocracy with a thriving civil service and viable institutions to nepotism. People assume top level positions without paying their dues and working their way up. The millennials who have been told that they are the leaders of tomorrow since the late 80s are still waiting for tomorrow. Would they be any different when that tomorrow comes? when our society has the tendency to idolise the same people that kept us in captivity or when our society has this deeply rooted culture of free easy money and everyone wants to get rich overnight. Our only saving grace is with the end of the petro-state our leaders will have to be more imaginative and creative in order to sustain the viability of Nigeria, and the youths will demand more from people in government with this new age of social media and the transparency that comes with it.

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