Daily Gripe 001 — E-commerce isn’t the death of your bricks and mortar business.

Today’s gripe is people complaining their bricks and mortar businesses are going down the “swanny” (drain to any US visitors), after refusing to sell online.

I hear all to often “E-commerce is going to be the death of my business”, which my response is always, “have you looked at selling online?”. Nine times out of 10 their reply is “oh no, that’s not for me, it’s a young person’s game”.

It’s this generation that is very hard to encourage to look at going online with their products. E-Commerce isn’t for everyone and without a marketing strategy, opening an online store and expecting people to find it is like finding a needle in a haystack. E-commerce won’t kill your bricks and mortar business, refusing to adapt to how/where your customers shop will.

My advice, take the plunge, what have you got to lose?

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