So for quite sometime I’ve been interested in writing pieces online instead of my usual journal. I wanna discuss a lot of different topics//also open to any suggestions!

Lately I’ve been interested in personas, the aspects someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others. We’re connected in ways that weren’t existent 20 years ago, and the “intsa-psyche” is something that makes the journey through young adulthood ten times harder.

I find myself hyperconscious of my physical and online persona almost all the time. Physically I always find myself asking “how much space am I taking up?”. In conversations and social settings we all want to feel valued and remembered in some way, but has the insta psyche heightened our want for physical social validation? Online wise, I face even more anxiety in terms of what I want to share with people, and how I’ll be perceived through the lense of their phone screen. I worry about my looks, aesthetics, and follower count thinking that all of this will add up to my validation as a person. Which, when thinking about it, really fucks you up. Am I doing this for myself or am I seeking validation from other people who present an online persona of themselves too? It’s really weird living within this time because technology is expanding at a rate our mental health might not be able to handle.

Social media is constantly affecting they ways in which we think about ourselves, and in doing so, it makes it harder to reach self-realization.


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