The majority of people in my life are shooting stars claiming universes by the minute. What they have accomplished is INSANE. I am truly happy for them, and I would never want anything less.

Time after time, wish after wish, tear after tear — this motivates and hurts my spirit all at once. The car is working, it’s just not the happiest of all drives.

Sometimes, I want to run my head into the wall. I just knew though, I had to be around individuals with so much talent and freedom. In time I learned to shine just like them. Many panic-attacks at tall corners with every movement, I find myself shaking. So grateful for meditation and self-help.

Life happens out of no where, and sometimes those surprises are sweeter than a birthday celebration just for you.

I truly understand why they say:

“Hard work pays off.”

It has and always will.

Something you did YEARS ago will come back in your favor. You must keep moving forward until that arrow of light that was pulled-back so long ago catches up to you.