Looking for the light? You are the light.

Problems are the price of progress

The beautiful truth about problems is there will always be a solution.

The feeling of wanting to do nothing but self-destructing your way to a dark room, opened wrappers, half eaten snacks, fantasizing what you want and thinking it’ll never happen — everything around you is an ice cold mess while you’re letting the world pass you by sulking in your underwear by yourself…


The last bit of spark you have left is either going to burn you, or light you up.

Being shameful, embarrassed and regretful in life is beyond normal. Move forward and don’t get caught up in the past.

Create your future so you can enjoy thinking about your past. Appreciate the seed, love the flower.

You‘re already a sweet bowl of ice cream, you always have been. Always. What you need to do now is work on YOURSELF. Choose what toppings you want.

This is not the time to waste on meaningless relationships, having long conversations with people, trying to validate yourself by going on one hundred dates and especially not mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours on end only to find yourself slowly becoming bitter towards everyone and yourself.

Take a deep breath, stretch and instead of worrying about everything, just… be with you for a little bit.

Be with you.

If you’re unhappy — work on you.