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That’s because of the fear-mongering of Hillary’s campaign and her loyalists in the news media.

Hate Trump all you want, but nothing Trump said was that dramatic. It was all of the rhetoric and the ridiculous narratives pushed by your liberal leaders, by people like you that caused these liberals to become so utterly afraid that they decided to commit suicide.

Your fear-mongering is what caused these people to decide to commit suicide. But truth is, you don’t really care. You’d murder anyone and everyone that stood in the way of your politician becoming president.

If a few minorities or homosexuals have to commit suicide for you to make people afraid of your Democrat’s opposition, you’re perfectly okay with that.

And that’s why if we ever fail to stop your candidates from winning, this nation is done. Your kind fascist attitudes would destroy this nation and everything it stands upon, and you’re too arrogant to even see it.

The one justice that will come out of it all is the culling that will have to happen when your leaders are finally in charge. A lot of you are going to end up “committing or jobless” as Hillary or whatever Democrat cuts the field of journalism down to only those they know they can control.