Three quick tips for making your office space and desk distraction free

There’s a lot more to this subject that three quick tips, but this is as good a place to start as any.

1. Remove the clutter. This seems obvious, but how many of us are clinging on to worthless items of stationery, un-read and un-needed manuals and other such items. As a simple rule, if you have an item designed to help you with your work that you haven’t used in the last six months (or two months if you are being ruthless), get rid of it and clear the space. The clearer the space, the clearer your head.

2. Effective Filing. If you need to keep paperwork, make sure it works for you. File items effectively, in a system and order that you understand. Any system should guarantee that you you can find an item of paperwork with three minute. If you can’t, the system isn’t working and it is then hindering you working efficiently. There are in fact very few original documents that you now need to keep; obviously, you shouldn’t get rid of any important document with an original signature or seal on it, but other than that, why not scan the document and then use a system like Evernote to keep track of it? If you have paperwork that you don’t need to keep, ask yourself why you still have it. If it is really not necessary, shred it and recycle.

3. Organise your eye-line. What you see out of your eye-line has a significant impact on how you work. If all you see is clutter, all you will think about is clutter. If your desk faces a window, that can either have a calming effect or can be distracting, depending on your personality, or just how you are feeling at any particular time. Make it work for you. To get super-focused, face your desk to the wall and have a personal Kanban board directly in your eye-line to constantly remind you of where you are up to.