blog 3 for studio 2 2017

Times flying past

It wasn't to long ago i was sitting here in the first week of this trimester wondering what we were going to do now Im sitting in week nine. after the first section of the trimester was handed over just last week with my final pieces of digital art and 5 photos of our chosen object and mine being a pencil because of my love of art it was difficult to think of something to do with it. now to make matter worse we have to recreate said object into 6 different forms of art.

so with that said i looked at three different artist, two of which have a very similar art style whereas the third is somewhat very different. they are: Emma Leonard, Georgie Mansur, Rob Muller. ill show images of their work shortly.

Emma Leonard
Georgie Mansur
Ron Muller

so all three artist use water colours two of which go about their art in the same way as i can tel just y looking t their art, however the first Emma Leonard doesn’t. Emma uses the negative space in her art very well and suing organic style colours in her art she achieves a very early era style art from. Both Georgie Mansur and Ron Miller develop their art in the same way developing the back ground first then working from the front foreground to the back, its a very old way of doing it but its simple and it works.

my art so far using pastels, charcoal and water colours

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