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Pink Floyd's: Dark side of the moon

So people who know of Pink Floyd will know of their many famous albums and one of the most famous is Dark side of the Moon, now this album was released in 1973 so its a very old album. it was created by Storm Thorgerson, the artwork for the cover itself was drawn by George Hardie, a designer at NTA Studios.

Now the actual logo as far as my research can tell me is copyrighted as in Only the layout but the colours cant be because you cant copyright so many common colours and not to mention most of the original colour form the spectrum. but because the the layout of the album cover is so famous and unique then it would be recognised by anyone walking past and the possibly of getting away with it would be pretty minimal.

Personally i love this design not just because Im a Pink Floyd fan but because it takes into account that no light get around the moon at different times obviously as it orbits but the use of the colour spectrum and the album name i think play into each others hands very well and that might have something to do with the album covers fame.

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