Studio 1: Blog 4 - Finishing the Epub and making a Game.

During this blog post I’ll be talking about two things. One is how we finished off the Epub and the work that we went did to make it a readable and working document, and the little flaw we had to iron out, and the second beginning the new assignment that we are starting with the games students.

So first off the Epub, now I really had absolutely no idea how something that is some simple in theory, like reading a book on an I-pad or a type of e-reader could be so difficult to produce, iron out and finalise and get the spacing between the pages so precise that it in all international purposes looked like a real book. Putting everything in order and anchoring the images and having them set right and in order, and subsequently I had no idea how to stich them together and iron out the kinks so I let the more, technology minded individuals of my group to do that and they did an awesome job and I think it came out pretty good

Now the second, the Game assignment. Now I didn’t fully understand the way that people can think about thing, until I came upon this assignment. Now yes common sense is something that most human have despite occasional evidence to suggest otherwise. Now the difference in our different educations so far in our chosen fields of study has never been more apparent. Now the game students know how they want the game to work, and know what they want, but they have no idea how they want it to look, including colour scheme and layout, not even a name! But like I said our educations are different and that’s why we are designers.

So I was tasked with designing the box that the game will come in and that has been a challenge to say the least. I’ve based the original design off The Game of Life box and its uses a center focal point which is the games spinning wheel as you can see in the picture below, now I’ve used a similar concept with my design except the center will not be a spin wheel but each aspect of the game will change according to the expansion packs which is what each game group will be making. So the main focus of my design has to be something that will branch into every game, like the mayor, the different characters, landmarks etc. so that is what my lessons from Thursday two weeks ago has been based on is creating this box. So I’ll keep the design of the box updated in my blog updates.

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