Dear Shutterstock customers, contributors, employees, and stockholders,

It has been an amazing privilege to lead this great company for 16 years as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Thanks to our incredible team and the support of our loyal customers, contributors and stockholders, Shutterstock has grown into a premier player in our industry and reshaped how creative professionals get the content they need. Now, we’ve reached a pivotal juncture in our growth trajectory. I believe the time has come for me to transition my role from CEO to Executive Chairman of the Board and pave the way for Stan Pavlovsky, our…

May 19th, 2017

President Stanley, distinguished guests, faculty, staff, students, and families.

I am very grateful to be here today among such remarkable honorees.

Today, I want to share three lessons I learned here at Stony Brook, which have served me well throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I will be brief, because I know you are all ready to be graduates — and most important to me,, I’m so ready to be referred to as Dr. Oringer — so I know the quicker I finish this speech — the quicker we can both achieve our goals.

I started my college education…

Most of the chatter around Apple’s September 7th iPhone event has been about the removal of the headphone jack. What I’m focused on (no pun intended) is the dual camera system which will change photography forever. If this sounds like another incremental improvement that won’t change much, bear with me here.

Up until now, the main difference between a camera with a proper lens (like a digital SLR, rangefinder, or compact camera) and the tiny flat ones that you would find in any smartphone is a feature of a photo called depth of field (referred to as DOF from here)…

We’ve all heard the story: Brilliant founder raises millions of dollars in venture capital and attains new heights of wealth and success. While this has been true in a few exceptional cases, I’m fascinated by how often this narrative is portrayed in today’s media. It has become commonplace in the tech industry for companies to be considered successful (or on a path to success) only if they have the validation of raising millions by venture capitalists.

That’s why, when I get asked, “When is the right time to take on VC funding?” my answer — “In a lot of cases, never” — is often met with surprise.

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Jon Oringer

Founder & Executive Chairman 「@Shutterstock」. Serial Entrepreneur. Commercially rated helicopter pilot.

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