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  • Thomas Wolf

    Thomas Wolf

    Natural Language Processing, Deep learning and Computational Linguistics – Science Lead @Huggingface | thomwolf.io

  • nick kokonas

    nick kokonas

    I am not unemployed. I'm NSFW. Co-Owner: Alinea / Next / The Aviary / Roister / The Aviary NYC / Founder & CEO: Tock, Inc. http://www.exploretock.com

  • Zachariah Reitano

    Zachariah Reitano

    Co-founder and CEO of @Ro

  • Conrad Irwin

    Conrad Irwin

    Founder & CTO of @SuperhumanCo. https://superhuman.com/. Core team @pryrepl. Programmer, blogger, speaker, dancer.

  • Michael Arrington

    Michael Arrington

    Be Excellent To Each Other

  • Index Ventures

    Index Ventures

    We are a multi-stage international VC firm. Since 1996, we’ve teamed up with exceptional entrepreneurs in 30+ countries, who are changing the world around them.

  • joshua schachter

    joshua schachter

    Tinkerer, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, occasional race car driver.

  • AngelList


    Raise money and recruit on @AngelList. Launch on @ProductHunt. 🚀

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