19 resources to break into the Buffalo tech scene

  1. Launch NY: Launch NY provides entrepreneurs funding, mentorship through EIR’s (entrepreneurs in residence) and general guidance on how to turn your idea into a business. Their goal is to revitalize the region through supporting and investing in high-growth ideas. Marnie and her team are a great resource if you are trying to start a company in here WNY.
  2. UBCEL: As you can imagine The University at Buffalo has ample resources for folks trying to get an idea off the ground. There are too many programs to list but if you are just getting your feet wet I’d recommend the Startup CEL Program. If you are in the early stages of developing your idea this program is a great place to start.
  3. Blackstone Launchpad: All UB students, staff and alumni have a great opportunity to utilize this resource that is located on campus in the student union. Blackstone has Launchpad’s all over the country and we are very lucky that Buffalo was added to that list.
  4. 43North: You don’t have to win a chunk of the $5M prize money to benefit from 43North. There are plenty of networking events and resources offered by their team to help all types of entrepreneurs gain traction, connections and guidance in the Buffalo scene. They also have one of the coolest offices in Buffalo. Seriously. You don’t want to miss their final event in October where they award $5M to 8 companies from all across the globe.
  5. Z80 Labs: One of the first resources for technology entrepreneurs in Buffalo. Launched by Jordan Levy and Ron Schrieber in 2012 Z80 invests in early stage tech companies while providing office space and mentorship. If you have a technology startup in Buffalo you should definitely apply.
  6. Viaduct: Founded to help startup and emerging companies fulfill their true potential. Viaduct increases the supply of startup ready talent through their job portal, deliver a startup discounted traditional recruitment model molded to the needs of early stage companies. They also have world class consulting vendors who specialize in scaling startup companies. If you need help scaling your company, look no further.
  7. DiG: Looking for a space to collaborate and work out of? Look no further. DiG has one of the coolest spots in town to get down to business and launch your venture. Skip the coffee shop wifi and hunker down with like minded individuals who are trying to do the same thing you are….launch a business! Looking for events? DiG hosts what seems to be like a never ending stream of events during throughout the day and at night. There’s something for everyone so check it out!
  8. CoWorkBuffalo: Launched by local entrepreneurs before there was even an “ecosystem” CoWorkBuffalo is another great place to work out of. Like DiG there are a variety of options to enroll including a month, day or flex pass. Some of the best programmers in town call this place home on Main Street.
  9. i4Studio: The BNMC is host to over 100 companies and is also a go-to resource for early stage startups who need guidance. The i4Studio is a hub for creative thinkers with plenty of events to satisfy all types of creatives.
  10. The Foundry: Business incubation, education, empowerment and employment. Located on the East side of Buffalo they accept budding entrepreneurs from throughout the city, but are especially excited to welcome low-income, minority, women-owned and neighborhood-based businesses into their mix. Check out their Second Saturday open house events that are themed neighborhood events with activities for all ages, including volunteer opportunities, vendors, classes, free kid’s art activities, and much more.
  11. Buffalo Startup Weekend: The best weekend of your life awaits! Have an idea? Think it’s the next big thing? Bring it to Startup Weekend and see what other like-minded individuals think. This is a 54-hour crash course in how to start a business and it works. There are numerous success stories of companies who pitched here and are still working on their business. Oh, they also feed you the entire weekend and hand out great ‘swag’.
  12. UB Hackathon: Are you a student? Do you code? Then this is the event to be at in Buffalo. UB Hacking is University of Buffalo’s official student-ran hackathon. Students are invited to gather at the event to create cool and innovative projects within 24 hours and showcase their achievements
  13. Meetup.com: If you have a specific topic or theme you want to learn or connect on I’d start here. There are so many groups of passionate people who get together that I would be bound to miss one if I tried to list them all. If you are new to the area I’d start here…we aren’t called the city of good neighbors for nothing :)
  14. Infotech Niagara: A big part of the technology scene in Buffalo Infotech hosts some of the best events in town to network with technology professionals. They also host the BETA awards which is a fun event that recognizes a slew of community leaders who are building, shaping and creating great things in Buffalo.
  15. Startup Grind: You’ll be hard pressed to find a more inspiring organization for budding entrepreneurs than this. Look no further than the list of previous speakers to see who you should want to connect with in our community. One of the better networking/educational events in town hands down.
  16. Buffalo Open Coffee: Started in 2010 this group used to meet for coffee and discuss tech trends etc. They have a google group that still has some activity about what’s going on around town. Definitely worth joining and contributing to.
  17. WNYVA: Eventually your startup is going to need money and the WNYVA facilitates the exchange of information between investors and entrepreneurs. Held at The Buffalo Club on a monthly basis make sure to be dressed to impress!
  18. The Panasci Competition: UB runs an annual competition for students with a $25K 1st prize and $10k 2nd prize. The inaugural winner of the competition Eric Reich has seen tremendous success and turned what was once called Student Voice (now Campus Labs) into quite the success story locally. If you have a connection to a student at UB you should participate in this program.
  19. @BuffaloDevs Are you a current or aspiring developer? Join slack at https://slack.buffalodevs.net/ to link up with more than 100 tech professionals in the Buffalo area. The channel frequently discuss the job market, pulse on technology in our area, and organizes events. Whether you want help with a technical question, are looking for a job, want to talk trends, communicate events, or just want to network, there is a place for everyone! Stop by and introduce yourself to the whole community by leaving a blurb in our introduction channel.

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