I’m going to import every blog post I’ve ever written to medium.

Well, maybe not every blog post. The good ones, at least.

EDIT: Ok, definitely not every post.

I’ve never really promoted my consulting company’s blog. I put it on Drupal Planet (or is it Planet Drupal?) and that was about it. This really, is my only writing output.


I’d tweet about new posts, but I didn’t spend any other time on it because, being an independent consultant, I always “had too much other shit to do”.

So, while I wrote a decent post or two over the years, I probably never came close to reaching my intended audience.

I never started a Medium account until just recently, not because I didn’t really know what to say, but because I have too much to say.

Then it hit me, I might as well start somewhere. Medium can “import” posts.

Let’s see what happens.