Living in the open source software world, we use a lot of generic terms that mean different things in different contexts.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for years, and have started to discipline myself in using the right words at the right times.

Using these words more consistently made it easier to discuss the landscape, and to understand all of the pieces and how they fit together.


An open source tool is what everything else is made of.

Command-line programs, libraries, extensions, bundles, modules, themes.

Software encourages reuse and sharing, and share we do. GitHub is full of…

This document will grow and change as our vision catalyzes.

Feedback is encouraged. We want to be as open as a company as we are with our software.


Software tools should be sustainable to use long term. Open source helps keep organizations sustainable by reducing costs and maintenance, but many tools end up requiring more maintenance and time.


Software tools should empower users to do more with less.

Less time. Less complexity. Less maintenance.


Software tools should increase the ability for people to participate.

The more human-readable your code, the more user-friendly your tools, the easier your platform is to…

Collaborative Operations: The philosophy that tools to manage digital technology operations can be designed for all who are involved: technical and non technical alike.

DevOps brought developers and operations together. It’s time to bring in everyone else.

Project managers deserve to see commit logs and links to running copies of their project: works in progress.

Quality Assurance folks deserve to know they are checking the same environments developers are deploying to, and when fixes are deployed.

Everyone should have access to readable test results.

Let’s start focusing the design of our tools on everyone involved with the business of web development, not just the developers or the systems administrators.

Better collaboration translates to better software.

We can do better.

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DevShop Project Dashboard

Well before “DevOps” was a thing, and long before DevShop existed, was “CI”. Continuous Integration is a critical part of successful software development. As a web CMS, Drupal has lagged a bit behind in joining up with this world of CI.

One of the reasons that we don’t see CI being used as much as we’d like is that it is hard to setup, and even harder to maintain long term. Wiring up your version control systems to your servers and running tests on a continual basis takes some serious knowledge and experience. …

I’m going to import every blog post I’ve ever written to medium.

Well, maybe not every blog post. The good ones, at least.

EDIT: Ok, definitely not every post.

I’ve never really promoted my consulting company’s blog. I put it on Drupal Planet (or is it Planet Drupal?) and that was about it. This really, is my only writing output.

I’d tweet about new posts, but I didn’t spend any other time on it because, being an independent consultant, I always “had too much other shit to do”.

So, while I wrote a decent post or two over the…

Jon Pugh

web technologist/drupal architect/founder/CEO of @thinkdropNYC, creator of @OpenDevShop & @hubdrop

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