5 Major Types of CBD Oil Products and their Use

Jonathan Reyes
Jul 10, 2018 · 3 min read

After its extraction, CBD oil is used to make a broad range of products. Although there is broad range of CBD oil products in the market today, capsules, tinctures, topical, vape and sprays are the top 5 often used products. In as much as each of these products is used differently, the effect of CBD is the same. You should therefore understand the application of each before purchasing.

CBD Capsules

1. CBD Capsules

Also known as tablets, CBD in South Carolina capsules are pills suffused with some amounts of hemp oil. They are packed in varying quantities ranging from 2.5mg to 300mg. CBD capsules are taken orally by mouth with water or any other liquid. Tablets are preferred by people who need CBD to manage lifelong medical conditions, those always on the move or the seniors in the society who prefer pills to other options available. They should be taken just like any other drug, with strict adherence to the dosage guidelines provided.

CBD Tinctures

2. CBD Tinctures

This most convenient and preferred type of CBD in Charlotte NC in the market. Present in liquid state, CBD tinctures are taken by placing drops under or on your tongue using the tincture pen. Here, you need to observe maximum caution lest you get yourself messy. In as much as you can choose to swallow the tincture drops immediately, it is more effective if you take a while before swallowing them. The dosage ranges from 100mg-1000mg. CBD tinctures are among the products with the purest form of CBD Oil Products as less processing is done on it.

CBD Topicals

3. CBD Topicals

These are salves, lip balms and lotions blended with hemp oil. Unlike CBD edibles they cannot be consumed orally. Instead, muscles rubs are rubbed gently on inflammations and painful joints. They are also useful in treatment of acne. While buying topicals, always ask whether it stays on the skin or if it naturally absorbs reaching the dermal layer. The suitable one among the two is the latter as it works faster especially for skin related disorders.

4. CBD Vape

You need e-cigarette or vape to consume these products. Most sellers of CBD products have these devices to facilitate their consumption. All you do is heat the CBD vape; it is safe and convenient. It does not get you high but is still inappropriate for children. Compared to other edibles like tinctures and capsules, CBD vape oil is preferred by most people, but preference vary from one person to another.

5. CBD Sprays

CBD spraying technique is fun and relatively easy, especially while travelling. However, CBD sprays have a number of setbacks. Firstly, they contain low concentrations of CBD, ranging from 1–3mg. Furthermore, one may overdose or under-dose as it is challenging to discern the most accurate dose. It is however a convenient way to administer your requisite CBD dose without much effort.

The bottom line

The availability of various types of CBD infused product is especially meant to ensure that anyone in need of these products gets and uses them as they deem fit. They are however all the same, with the main difference being their state and mode of ingestion whose liking may vary from one person to the next. To have an easy time taking CBD in South Carolina, choose a CBD product that works best for you. More products are being introduced into the market by manufacturers to meet the diverse market needs.

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