Why You Should Try Out CBD oil for Dogs and Other Pets

Jonathan Reyes
Jul 24, 2018 · 3 min read
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Dog lovers know how stressing and frustrating it can be to keep an unhealthy dog. It is for this reason that they rush to seek professional veterinary assistance whenever the man’s best friend falls sick. Although pharmaceutical drugs can be helpful to the dogs, this is never a guarantee. Recent research shows that where pharmaceutical drugs fail herbal alternatives, to be specific CBD oil for dogs are amazingly effective. Below is a list of five significant benefits of CBD to your dog, cats and other pets and domestic animals, including pigeons.

1. Suppresses anxiety

Similar to humans, dogs are at times prone to suffer from anxiety-related disorders. While it is not possible to pinpoint these symptoms to a specific conditions since they cannot explain themselves, you can watch out for symptoms such as urinating indoors, barking excessively, scratching at items and pacing. Fortunately, upon a few hours of taking CBD products, their anxiety levels tend to drop, making the pet relaxed and comfortable.

2. Improves appetite

Once a dog is under stress, seizures, pain or any form of illness their appetite drops. A decrease in appetite for a pet under medication is not a good sign as it will lower the effectiveness of the drug. CBD oil for dogs helps dogs regain appetite which trigger the well-being of the pet. A dog may also lose appetite even without falling sick and in these cases, CBD products have been of great assistance.

3. Safeguards the nervous system

One of the many proven health benefits of CBD in humans is acting as a neuroprotective agent. Here, the chemical compound guards the brain along with the central nervous system from neurotoxicity. Correspondingly, when dogs are given CBD oil for dogs, the same mechanism applies as their brain is protected from cell deaths arising from toxins and free radicals. Giving your dog a daily dose of the compound at an early stage helps secure their nervous system which is affected as the dog ages.

4. Promotes homeostasis

Balance is a crucial aspect to pets, just as it is to humans. With proper stability, dogs are unable to survive specific environments, and may even succumb. This is why they have the endocannabinoid system to help maintain their balance. The functionality of the endocannabinoid system is dependent on receptors which also rely on CBD to function. While dogs can obtain the CBD naturally, the CBD is never in surplus. As a result, the balance of the pet is at risk of failing. Apparently, intake of a CBD dosage helps to raise the level of CBD which collaborate with the receptors to influence homeostasis in dogs.

In as much as the CBD oil is beneficial to ailing dogs, vets recommend that you provide these products compound to your dog even when not sick. The reason is that, intake of CBD oil helps prevent occurrences of future illnesses like nervous related diseases and boosts the overall well being of the pet. There is no reason to worry about your pet getting high because as initially stated the levels of THC in CBD oil for dogs is very low.


There is no doubt that CBD products are very useful in humans. However, all mammals can benefit from this compound, including domestic animals and pets. It is just that most products such as CBD dab wax are specifically designed for human consumption, but there are many edibles that can be fed on any animal. As mentioned, you don’t have to use these products only when sick, but you can incorporate the same in your day to day meals for the overall well being of the whole family.

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