Thank you for this and I would love to call Senator Toomey but I’m not very good at this and your…
Diana Otto

Thanks for reading and for the comment. A few ideas for you:

  1. Call Toomey’s office and express that you’re worried about your nieces and others. Be as specific as you possibly can by asking them about their health care experiences. So you might say something like, “My niece is in college and she was able to keep her coverage through her parents’ insurance because of Obamacare. I’m worried that’ll go away and she’ll be left without.”
  2. Organize the people you care about who will be affected by repeal and encourage them to call Senator Toomey. Use the script as a guide and coach them through it.
  3. The ACA included a number of provisions that affect Medicare benefits, so without knowing what the replacement plan looks like, a repeal may affect your coverage. You could call Toomey’s office and simply ask if his staff knows whether your disability coverage will change and say that you’re worried that it will.
  4. All the above!

Good luck.

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