What’s in Hillary’s missing emails?

Imagining 10 discoveries that would shock us

Hillary Clinton used a private email server when she was Secretary of State. She knowingly put classified email material onto a personal server, going against what has now become government policy.

Once this was exposed and the Department of Justice investigated her, she turned over tens of thousands of emails. But, as the reports make clear, she deleted 30,000 “personal emails” that no one has ever seen.

This morning, Donald Trump asked the Russians to find out what was in those 30,000 missing emails. Great question.

After hearing this, I asked myself, what would some of the worst possible things be that we could find in her missing emails? And more importantly, how would various discoveries impact our views of Hillary’s qualifications for President?

Here are 10 of the worst things I could imagine

How would they change your mind about who you vote for?

1. Details on the inner-workings of a private university Hillary created that defrauded students.

2. Derogatory statements and mockery of a disabled person.

3. Sexual jokes about past colleagues and the appearance standards of men in general.

4. Private claims that she believed all Muslims should be banned from the United States.

5. Secret plans to solve the immigration challenges of the US by building a physical wall along the border to Mexico.

6. Outlines of her desire to deport more than 10M illegal immigrants as soon as she becomes President.

7. Dirty insinuations about Donald Trump’s sex life with his ex-wives.

8. Off-the-record comments about her desire to reinstate waterboarding and other forms of torture.

9. Views on wanting to reinstate dictators throughout the Middle East, and regrets over ousting them.

10. Secret conversations with Vladimir Putin about how to hack into Donald Trump’s emails.

I can’t imagine voting for a candidate hiding this type of stuff in deleted personal emails.

So how can you imagine voting for a candidate who puts it all out in public?

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