Pick what resonates with you. Start slowly. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just start DO-ing.
Tim Ferriss — What I Learned From Tim Ferriss’s ‘Tools of Titans’
James Altucher

Great article. I’ll need to read more to see what is meant by DO-ing. But here's what I think.

If you’re the only person who knows what you’ve done, you’re not DO-ing. Until you put it out there where it can have an impact and ramify, you’re not DO-ing. And in a world in which there is such great need and such great opportunity, if you don’t put it out until your work meets your highest standards, you’re doing it wrong.

Put it out as soon as it’s probably substantially better than nothing. When nothing is the actual alternative, to hold it back is morally wrong. This is not about you and your professional pride. It’s about a world with incredible needs and opportunities for making a difference.

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