Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

Netflix and Amazon both put out great shows, but it’s a mistake to think they are beating the networks or the cable stations at thier own game. They are playing a fundamentally different game. Neither service actually releases information on the shows’ ratings and share. They say the numbers are good and we take their word for it. Both companies are insanely capitalized, in expansion mode, and need splashy press friendly shows more than tried and true pedestrian hits. Netflix is trying to expand globally, Amazon uses it’s tv platform as a loss leader for Prime.

Both services are as agressive and rapacious in thier deal making as the networks ever were. And though the financing may come from Silicon Valley, the creative talent still is sourced from Southern California and New York, as it has been for years. Amazon and Netflix are positioned to eat up the world, it’s true, but it’s not really a good thing. They will hasten the inevitable cord cutting which willlead to a mass exteinction event in cable tv and it is very possible that A&E, AMC, BBC America will either go out of business or only be accesible a la carte. THere will bo nothing good for the consumer in that.