PyRoom Is Over, If I Want It

I finished pulling most GUI concerns out of the ‘Editor’ object. Unit tests now run without having to launch 35+ GUIs that it wasn’t testing.

It was a white whale sort of situation. I’ve been intrigued with how to test GUI desktop applications. Sometimes it gets very tangle-y, and the edges between what is interface and what is application blur. It’s hard to separate.

I feel successful. I carved enough away that I can see that the Editor object’s real purpose: coordinating buffers and mapping keystrokes to commands. I can see how I would move forward and that’s enough for now.

I feel like this is incredibly true with javascript web applications. Maybe its the ecosystem, or the closeness of JS and the DOM.

I’ll put a few more commit efforts into PyRoom, but that is all. It’s got creaky bones and I’m satisfied that I refactored it enough so I can conceivably see the path to replace the GUI with PyGL or something more modern. But, it’s time to move on.

I have some work in web coming up so I’m going to take a look at building the next generation on the web.

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