Think of your vote like an old-fashioned Marxist.
James Wimberley

I agree with you as far as the voting based on likability, feelings, etc. are concerned, but I start to differ when it comes to the desired outcome. IMO voting for Trump would be catastrophic for too many reasons to list. Voting for Hilary would be essentially doing absolutely nothing to fix the problems in Washington. Nothing would change and we would continue in our slow, polarizing drift as a country. It seems obvious to me that the majority of politicians are in the game for the sport of it, because they are good at playing politics. They could care less about the well being of anyone excluded from their circle. Why are we so complacent with the way we are treated? It’s certainly easier not to think about it, considering that for the average citizen nothing really changes (for better or worse) on a personal level. Far less appealing is the alternative, something drastically changing for the worse. I understand that viewpoint to a certain extent, but I still think we need to get actual representation in congress and the way that seems to me to be the least consequential is to start with term limits. In reality it matters very little who the president is, because a congress that is being pulled to extremes by special and personal interests isn’t going to accomplish anything at all. With a limited amount of time to make some actual progress, diminished advantages for personal gain and no wasted time devoted to re-election campaigns, hopefully the well being of the average citizens will move closer to being a priority for future candidates. I support this notion, and as it would turn out Gary Johnson supports this too. That is the most important issue in my opinion, and that’s the reason I’ll be voting for Johnson.

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