Gentle, men

Dear dudes,

I wanted to write something when the #metoo tweets and posts started piling up. I wanted to rattle off so loud and so viciously with a feminist rant. It would’ve been justified and it would’ve felt great. But I would’ve missed a chance to reflect on the bigger picture. How every guy, including myself, must have at one point said something or didn’t say something when they should have. We all need to do better.

Let’s continue to talk about this and call each other out. Don’t let certain leaders dictate from their twisted view of masculinity. Be empathetic. If some of the most powerful people in the world are the worst predators, imagine how women must feel. Imagine how different the world looks to them. Don’t form an opinion until you start from that point of view.

Here’s a poem inspired by the women in my life who taught me how to be a gentle man. I’m still learning every single day. I hope you are, too.

Be gentle, men.

It’s simple.

Be gentle like my wife.

My love, my soul, my fearless partner.

Be gentle like my mom.

Soft and caring, courageous and driven.

Be gentle like my grandmothers.

Full of spirit and wonder, wit and joy.

Be gentle like my friends.

Outspoken, challenging and encouraging.

Be gentle like a woman.

Be kind and humble, strong and patient.

But most importantly, be their voice before they have to use it.