Thank you Alistair Fraser for giving me critical feedback.
Jon Spear

Round 1. Won 11–1. We worked hard in training this week and our results improved.

1. We worked hard against a combative and determined, but less experienced opponent.

2. We had good temperament. When we were fouled we got back on our feet to help score the next goal. We did not complain about refereeing decisions or off side calls. Everyone played as a team. We played our team roles. We were respectful.

3. We had much better first touch today despite being put under pressure. Our finishing and passing was much improved from last week. We got in more effective crosses. We defended with discipline pressure — cover — balance

4. We are improving our awareness of changing situations and our decision making. When to defend. When to control possession and build from the back. When to press high and counter attack. When to track back to cover counter attacks and long balls.

5. We are getting faster at reading the game and running with and without the ball.

6. Players were more creative. Feints to create space. Turns. Driven crosses. Players shaping the box. Inside and outside runs. Long shots chipped over the keeper. 1 v 1s. We tried some short corners. Lay offs.

7. More experienced players are helping less experienced players on and off the pitch

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