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News is Not Porn or File Sharing

Years back, native digital media operations got a hard time from traditional or mainstream media for not doing enough hard or real news. Over the intervening period, there has been significant investment by all the digital native sites, including our own (, in reporting of real, hard news.

But there’s a problem . . .

Vertical Video

Daily Mail, along with 10 other major media companies like Vice and ESPN, operate media networks on Snapchat that we populate with fresh content and 10 second video ads. Currently, these channels see hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers each day.

When watching one of these networks, “Snapchatters” hold their phones vertically in their hands — the way…

The Danger of Fear Based Decision Making in Business. Or Playing for Upside with Fearlessness

Fear is a hugely limiting emotion in business. There is a difference between careful examination of a decision and worried fear. Being free of fear, making decisions and acting based on creativity and probabilistic determinations leads to superior business outcomes. It also leads to…

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How Do I Write?

The long run is simply a collection of short terms

The long run is simply a collection of short terms. The long term is a fiction. No one lives in the long term; there really is only the now.

Everyone talks about the long term as if it was something great and the short term as if it was were the land of the foolish. Let me assure you it is not.

The Consumerization of Everything

First Hardware, Then Software, Now Marketing

People have long talked about the consumerization of information technology — that people want to bring their iPads and other consumer technologies to the workplace. This has pushed IT departments to support everything from iPhones to Dropbox, because people have come to expect the…

News Monetization and Mobile are Issues from the 1800s

Michael Schudson’s Discovering the News is a compelling history of the rise of newspapers that almost directly mirrors the evolution in pricing and formats we’re seeing today in online media. This mirroring can be seen both in the rise of advertising as a primary revenue source and the transition to mobile, and by mobile I mean…

The Travel Section Was the Original Animals Section

In A.M. Rosethanl’s 2006 obituary in the New York Times, Robert McFadden explains of Rosenthal’s tenure as managing and executive editor:

By the end of the 1960's, The Times, despite a distinguished journalistic history, had a clouded future. Its reporting and writing were widely regarded…

Asynchronous Two Screen Viewing

When we talk about two screen viewing, we typically mean a person is watching television and a second screen (i.e. an smartphone or tablet) at the same time…

The Data Sniff Test

I was watching CNBC yesterday morning, who was reporting a New York Post story based on a third party data report that Instagram lost 25% of its user base in a matter of…

The Banner Has Been Unchanged for 18 Years. That’s the Issue.

This may, in fact, be the first banner ever created - AT&T advertising on Hotwired in 1994, 18 years ago.

Since that time, the conversation around online advertising has focused on how hard it is to monetize online content. In 2008, Jeff Zucker then at NBC coined the famous line: “trading analog dollars