Cooper and edie watching dvds they learned about via the web

Asynchronous Two Screen Viewing

When we talk about two screen viewing, we typically mean a person is watching television and a second screen (i.e. an smartphone or tablet) at the same time - synchronous two screening.

But we are increasingly seeing asynchronous two screen behavior. People are learning about the media they want to consume in other media. No more newspapers to learn about movies, you learn about movies on the web.

Television tune-in and movie premier advertising have become one of the largest categories on BuzzFeed. We’re even doing some book advertising. People increasingly learning about television and movies from the web, largely because of the increasing percent of our time we’re in front of the web, especially the mobile web.

If we think about video games as yet another type of screen, we see the education about video games increasingly taking place online. We learn about the appointment viewing screens (TV and movies) from the screens that are always with us.

This all struck me during this Bloomberg interview last week talking about movie marketing on BuzzFeed.

And it struck me when I was with my kids flying last week. They watch DVDs of characters and videos they have come to learn about via on demand and web based programing. Their DVD screens are driven by their laptop and iPad screens. And thankfully some books…

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