Don’t let the unchosen bother you

In being part of a team that’s building a company there will always be a long list of opportunities and tasks. That you should pick the most important ones and focus is obvious. A harder state to obtain is to not let the things you aren’t focusing on bother you.

Saying a process, particular marketing material, project, or product can wait and not let it bother or distract you requires an enormous amount of self control. Choosing everything, doing everything is probably the most comfortable state for most entrepreneurial people.

The progression I’ve noticed is: the desire to do everything, the decision to say no to many things and focus, the discomfort with the unchosen, followed finally by the liberation of focus.

And surprisingly, even with that focused list, unforeseen opportunities and challenges will require tackling and so again more things must be unchosen. It seems no matter how much you narrow and focus, each day you must whittle and focus still more.

The only caveat to this is teamwork and dividing and conquering. A common focused mission, but teams or individuals that tackle things independently. I always look to have fewer people in meetings or on teams, myself included.

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