Herbal Supplements To Relieve Hyperacidity And Stomach Problems Naturally

Acid reflux and hyperacidity are a set of complex medical conditions, which is not considered serious, although, it can cause serious complications and health issues. Hyperacidity can happen due to infectious agents, irritants, radiations or due to irregular eating. It can become one of the main causes for a number of chronic pains. The person suffering from hyperacidity may feel food being tapped in the breastbone or in the throat. In Ayurveda, metabolism is said to be the main function liable for general well-being, and disruptions in the metabolic functions caused by hyperacidity can cause serious medical issues, on the other hand, to relieve stomach problems one need to regulate eating habits, avoid alcohol and get rid of stress in life.

Hyperacidity can cause ulcers and damage the musco skeletal structure leading to long term bio chemicals changes in the muscular contractions and spine movements. It can be one of the main causes for musco skeletal dysfunctions in a person. Vomiting, dental erosion, headache, acidity, nausea and sour taste in mouth are some symptoms of the conditions. Certain respiratory diseases such as broncho constriction can also happen due to hyperacidity as the release of acids causes the release of substance P and neurokinin A in the bronchial structure causing neuro inflammatory conditions. Herbozyme capsules are widely used herbal supplements to relieve hyperacidity having Ferula asafetida and Ptychotis ajowan as key ingredients along with peppermint extracts.

People with asthma, middle aged and high body mass index — indicate higher risk of suffering from hyperacidity. The condition affects more than 20 percent of population, and it causes pain which is felt mostly after a meal that gets worse in night. The pain radiates to the chest to the upper back and goes to the vertebrae T10 to L2. These symptoms can become the root cause for other medical conditions e.g. liver cirrhosis, peptic ulcers, esophageal varices, alcoholism related metabolic changes etc.

The single dose of extract of Ferula asafetida may not relieve stomach problems; however, the regular intake increases the secretion of chymotrypsin without effecting trypsin flow. Ferula stimulates amylase and pancreatic activities after eight weeks of intake (tested in rats) and this helps in increasing breakdown of proteins, starches and fat breakdown. Daily oral intake of herbal supplements to relieve hyperacidity reduces flatulence caused by weak digestion.

Ptychotis ajowan, in the herbal supplements to relieve hyperacidity, Herbozyme capsules, contains essential oils such asthymol, which is a monopterene derivative class of compound and has strong aroma having pipene, terpinene and limonene as key phyto chemicals. These chemicals enhance intestinal tract functions and initiate the release of gut juices. The oil collected from the seeds of Ptychotis works as anti bacterial and anti fungal agent in the gut and provides immediate relief from acid pain to relieve stomach problems. It works as local anesthetic and is rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The oil has one of the highest percentages of thymol. The seed oil is used in the preparation of cough remedies — to get rid of asthma symptoms.

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