Netflix — Live Streams (Concept)

I’m a recent cord cutter so I rely mainly on Netflix and Hulu for my entertainment. The ease of getting almost any show I want on demand is absolutely amazing. But there is one thing I really miss from cable. I miss the ease of which I’m just thrown into a TV show.

I could just choose Comedy Central and I know that I have a (normally) funny show to watch ahead of me. And if I happen to turn on the station and it’s 8:45pm I know I’ll be halfway through a TV show. Getting put into the middle of a show gives me a good taste of a show. I don’t have to deal with all the set up of characters and scenes.

On Netflix, however, I’m confronted with just some cover art and the genre of a show. Once I start the show I then have to start from the beginning and go through all that exposition of a show I might hate.

That’s why I would love if Netflix had a channel lineup with schedules based off genres.

Live Streams could live within the grid of Netflix. The genre of the stream would be the title card while the currently playing title and remaining time would be shown.

Once a user selects their live stream, the currently remaining time is shown and the next show on the lineup is presented. A user could go to options to even restart the current show if they’d like.

Here’s a simple mockup:

If Netflix wants to beat out cable. They need to beat cable on one of its greatest feature: ease of entry. A channel lineup is a simple way to do just that.

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