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Unite our input boxes

“Oh, I have to pick up milk at 8 o’clock”
“I really liked that episode of Game of Thrones, I gotta tell my friends”
“I have to watch the next Simon Pegg movie whenever it comes out”

This is how my mind works. I have a thought that comes to me and then I want to jot it down so I don’t forget. With the current state of design, though, you have to first think about what app you want to open up before you can get that idea out of your head.

The thought “Oh, I have to pick up milk at 8 o’clock” gets forced into the thought process “I have to open up a reminders app, because I am thinking about something I want to be reminded about, that reminder is ‘I have to pick up milk at 8 o’clock.’” 

I had to change my focus away from my crucial thought to “What app must I use?” While I’m thinking about that, my mind might go blank and I’ll just sit there with an open app and a blank input screen.

If app developers could all get together and use one app with a large text area this problem could be solved.

I could open up my one text area app when something pops into my head. Write down “Pick up milk at 8" and then click to send it to the reminders app.

I don’t want to have any more of those why-did-I-come-up-to-this-room-again moments.

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