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Republicans prepare to vote for a health care bill they haven’t read

Just following the example set by Demos who voted for Obama care without reading it. Democrats claim that Obama care was debated for years before it was voted on, but what they neglect to tell the public, is that the bill passed into law was NOT the bill that was previously debated. The law that was read and re read over those years was the House version, and it was rejected. The bill illegally voted into law was the Senate version. I say illegally, because by the law in the Constitution, any bill on spending MUST originate in the House, but this bill that was voted on and signed into law, originated in the Senate, not the House. Notwithstanding the lie told by Obama that any bill signed into law would first be posted online for ten days for public review. The 2200 page bill called Obama Care, was presented to the Senate late on a Saturday night, vote and passed by the Senate early Sunday morning, very early (2 AM) and sent to the Oval Office for Obama’s signature on Tuesday of that same week, so Obama’s “ten day review online” turned into a “four day behind closed doors, dark of the night vote”. On a bill that violated the Constitution in its inception.